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500Casino Referral Codes 2024 + May Review

500Casino Referral Codes & Review

500Casino free promo / affiliate / referral codes list:

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CSGO500 Referral Codes 2023 + January Review


CSGO500 Referral Code and Review

CSGO500 Free Referral Codes List:


duelbits review

gamdom rust gambling

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CSGOEmpire review

 🤩 🥳 Update for January 2023: We recommend to use CSGOEmpire. They have excellent support, instant withdrawals and offer free skins up to $1640.

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Bonus conditions: For the first registration on the site. Try now!

Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Przelewy24, Trustly, Skrill, Ethereum

License: Curaçao

Available currencies: Coins


Pros of the CSGO500

  • a simple way to connect your account on the website with the steam login,
  • additional bonuses for following social media,
  • developed command system,
  • clear website interface,
  • a large selection of interesting skins,
  • a large number of players,
  • 1 vs 1 duels.

Cons of the CSGO500

  • few contact channels,
  • a small selection of games,
  • poorly translated page

How to use CSGO500 referral code?

  1. Step 1. Register via Steam on 500play.comcsgo500 login
  2. Step 2. After that click to “Rewards” button at the 2nd top menu
    csgo500 register
  3. Step 3. Go to “Redeem a referral code(Receive 100% deposit bonus up to $1k and 50 free spins)” section.
    csgo500 rewards
  4. Step 4. Enter the code “ORKSGAMING” and click the “Redeem” button and your account will be credited from free 100% deposit bonus up to $1k and 50 free spins.
    csgo500 roulette


Does CSGO500 offer a bonus for players?

Before CSGO500 opens its website for players, and you live abroad, check high odds on Counter Strike and other virtual sports at the bookmaker bet-at-home.

CSGO500 bonuses come in many forms.

ONLY HERE! 100% deposit bonus up to $1k and 50 free spins for new players to start!

The website also offers additional daily rewards and benefits for following CSGO500 on twitter and facebook. All bonuses are expressed in BUX, which is the currency with which you can play on the website.

You can get Buxy as a reward or trade it yourself for skins in your Steam inventory.

As a bonus in CSGO500 you will get:

  • up to 1025 bux daily reward, if you use the website,
  • 100 bux for following CSGO500 on Twitter and Facebook,
  • 100 bux for linking your account on the site with Discord.

CSGO500 code – where to find a promotional code?

On the CSGO500 website, you can enter a unique promotional code, thanks to which you will receive buxs or take advantage of other benefits.

Such codes are not available all the time. Finding them takes some effort.

Most often, the codes for the CSGO500 website can be found under the promotional videos of famous YouTubers.

In this case, the person recording the video receives a special code from the operator, which he can share with his viewers.

It also happens that the code will appear in our industry article or blog.

You can also go through our link by entering the code. You will get an extra 500 coins to start.

ONLY HERE! Special CSGO500 code. Get 100% deposit bonus up to $1k and 50 free spins on your first registration and enter ORKSGAMING.


Registration in CSGO 500 step by step

The method of registering your account in 500 cs go roulette is not difficult. However, it is different than on the websites of casinos or the best online bookmakers.

  1. The CSGO500 page will take you to the Steam site where your player account is located.
  2. You will then need to change your steam account settings to public.
  3. Registration on the website does not require providing data, just wait a moment.
  4. Finally, your accounts will be paired briefly.
  5. And that’s just it. You can enjoy the gameplay on CSGO500!

CSGO500 login

Logging in to the CSGO500 website is very easy. It is important that you are logged into your Steam account. Since both sites are connected after registration, you will automatically log into cs go 500 as well.

Remember that you do not set up a separate login and password for your 500 cs site.

There is no need to remember additional login details. It is only important that you can log into Steam.

This form of logging in is a simplification for players that is appreciated by many website users.

Referral system and bonus in CSGO 500

In addition to the bonuses and codes in CSGO500, you can also count on an efficient and beneficial referral system.

Thanks to it, players have the opportunity to earn additional buxs, and at the same time their friends get a solid injection of currency to start.

If you recommend cs go 500 to your friend, and he registers on the site, you will receive 50 bux. The new player, in turn, will get as much as 1000 buxs!
Thanks to this, he will be able to start playing roulette without any problems and increase his income. The program has no limitations, you can recommend the site at will and win coins!

What games does CSGO500 offer?

The CSGO500 website is fairly modest with a handful of games to choose from. It is based on a few basic gameplay experiences that are exciting and entertaining enough for all players.

Those are:

  • CS:GO Roulette,
  • 1 vs 1 duels (dueles),
  • crash.

Of course, the site is constantly growing and therefore new games and opportunities are offered. However, the vast majority of players are interested only in roulette.

Sports betting on CSGO

CS:GO betting is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to this form of entertainment, you can combine the emotions associated with CS matches with an additional thrill when betting on the result. With a bit of luck, you can also make a lot of cash.

Some skinning platforms have the option to place sports bets. This is for example csgoatse, which has an extensive betting platform.

Unfortunately, CSGO500 does not offer sports betting. Nothing is lost, you can bet with legal Polish beech trees!

CSGO500 roulette – what turns all players!

The most popular and at the same time the oldest game on the CSGO500 website is roulette. It is different from the traditional version of this game. Roulette consists of four colors.

Obviously, the higher the multiplier value, the fewer roulette squares and the lower the chance of drawing a square. Which is why there is only one yellow square that is extremely rare.

With the multiplier, you get more and more buxs. For example:

  • if you put 50 buxs on the blue field and hit it, you get 250 buxs,
  • when you bet 30 buxs on yellow, you have a chance to win as much as 1500 coins!

One-on-one duels (duels)

Standard roulette takes place cyclically every several seconds and any number of players can join it.

If you are looking for a different challenge and want to face a direct duel with another player, CSGO500 offers special rooms:

  • place your amount and choose one of the two colors on the roulette wheel,
  • who hits – takes the entire pot,
  • the rules are very simple and the possibility of winning is much higher than in classic roulette.

One-on-one (duels) in CSGO500 are becoming more and more popular and are sometimes more popular than the standard version of roulette.

The prize pool depends on the other player creating the room. By joining him, you agree to the rate that he set earlier.

csgo500 betting


A quick way to multiply your capital. The players place previously earned bux, which can be multiplied by the factor that will appear on the screen.

The line with the win rate goes up until it suddenly breaks up with a crash message,
If a player bets a lower coefficient, they will win the multiplied pot,
If he is wrong, he loses the money wagered.
It is definitely an interesting way to get extra buxs and get the best skins.

What can you win at CSGO500?

It is played to win. But what can you actually win on the CSGO500 platform? Well, you can get BUXes, which you can then exchange for skins.

It is actually very simple. For example, you bet a few hundred BUXes on roulette, manage to win and get a few thousand. Then you get lucky with CRASH and finish the series with one hundred thousand in your account.

Thanks to this, you can pay out a really solid skin, even for a knife!

CSGO500 deposit, simplicity and good choice

It is very important that you do not need to deposit real money on the CSGO500 website. All transactions are based on buxs that are obtained for the transferred skins.

Of course, at the beginning you have to win or buy the skin, e.g. via Steam.

Skinx is the intermediary in skin transactions, which we give access to our Steam clipboard. We can sell any of our skins for the suggested number of buxs.

If you prefer, you can also deposit your real money at the site and then exchange it for coins.

CSGO500 is constantly expanding payment methods, currently they are:

  • Transfers 24,
  • Trustly,
  • VISA,
  • MasterCard,
  • Skrill,
  • Etherum.

This way the coins go to your CSGO500 account and you can start having fun!

Deposit and Withdrawal Reviews

On the internet, we found mostly positive opinions about deposits and withdrawals on the CSGO500 platform. Winning skins are delivered immediately to players’ accounts.

Due to the fact that the CSGO500 is connected to the Steam platform, there is no problem with transferring the skin and saving it in your inventory.

Deposits are equally fast and effective. Additionally, the won buxes can be exchanged for Bitcoin! This is a great plus for all cryptocurrency lovers. The bux-bitcoin converter can be found on the CSGO500 page.

Step by step deposit payment

Step I. Log in to your account by syncing your CSGO500 account with your steam account.

Step II. Go to the Skinx website, where you will be able to deposit your skins for the appropriate value of buxs or use the payment methods in the Deposit tab.

Step III. Enjoy the gameplay on the site and get the CSGO500 bonus.

Is CSGO500 legal?

It’s hard to judge the legality of the CSGO500 site because you don’t play with real money. Therefore, it is beyond the scope of Polish law and government interest. Nevertheless, it is closely related to the CS:GO game.

The producer of the game – Valve decided some time ago to declare war on gambling sites that allow you to place bets on virtual game items.

But it doesn’t stop there. The owner of the Steam platform has cut off from these types of services before, and now officially gave them time to end their activities. A list of illegal sites has been created, which also includes CSGO500.

Despite this, the site is still doing great, and the feedback from internet users is usually positive. There are no problems with withdrawing skins or making a deposit.

Pages with cs go roulette have been popping up recently like mushrooms.

Although they are usually not played for large sums, and the subject of winning are skins, you should be moderate and watch out for dangers.

It is definitely gambling, and as you know, such a hobby can lead to addiction. However, there is nothing to be afraid of: you just have to start playing with the appropriate theoretical and mental preparation.

CSGO500, unfortunately, does not provide an extensive tab on responsible gaming. We only learned from the website that you should set yourself a reasonable limit and never play more than you should.

If at any time you feel that you are losing control and do not stick to the previously agreed assumptions, contact Support.

Customer support in CSGO500

I must admit that the customer service on the CSGO500 website is not extensive. We would require a live chat and a hotline number. Unfortunately, you can dream about such luxuries.

CSGO500 offers the possibility of e-mail contact with the support. Fortunately, the waiting times for a response are not long and the support team collects positive opinions on the Internet.

You can also contact us in Polish, which will be a great help for players from our country.

The website is under constant development, and players are more and more willing to choose CS:GO roulette. That is why we hope that the contact channel will be improved in the near future.

CSGO500 mobile, or play through your smartphone

At the moment there is no dedicated application for the CSGO500 website. This may be a downside for some players, but that’s not really to complain about.

The cs go 500 website is fully responsive. This means that you can easily play your favorite games also on mobile devices.
Running cs go roulette on your phone is not a problem, and the game system is as transparent and attractive as in the desktop version.

CSGO 500 bonus – our impressions

CSGO500 is a platform that allows you to play roulette and win buxs. It is nothing else than coins that are exchanged for skins in CS:GO.

Undoubtedly, this is a very interesting option for all Counter Strike players. And if someone enjoys shooting and gambling, there is no better combination.

The site is clear and allows the player to navigate easily. Promotions and loyalty program are the main advantages of the site.

It is thanks to them that the opinions about the CSGO500 company are mostly positive. You also cannot underestimate the CS:GO roulette itself, which can pull you in for hours.

Summary and opinions about the CSGO500

Certainly, the CSGO500 portal is not without its flaws. It offers poor contact with the support, and the quality of the translation of the website into Polish leaves a lot to be desired.

However, it makes up for it with an addictive cs go roulette and a very large base of skins, which are exchanged for coins won.

We believe that many CSGO500 players will like it. The platform allows you to quickly gain interesting skins, and at the same time provides exciting entertainment for long evenings.

A simple login system and positive opinions on the web encourage you to take advantage of it. It’s also hard to miss the super bonus in CSGO500, that is 100% deposit bonus up to $1k and 50 free spins to start with the our code!


Does CSGO500 provide a promotional code?

The code in CSGO500 is sometimes available under YouTube videos, blogs and forums. In the review, we give you the finished code. It’s – ORKSGAMING – for free 100% deposit bonus up to $1k and 50 free spins

How much free bux does CSGO500 give?

Free Bux in CSGO500 is nothing but coins on other roulette and CS:GO betting sites. The CSGO500 website gives you 1000 free bux to start.

Is CSGO500 a legal site?

CSGO500 is licensed by the government of Curaçao. To be a legally operating entity in Poland, it needs a license from the Ministry of Finance and the consent of the Steam platform.

What can you win at CSGO500?

In CSGO500 you can win coins that you can exchange for the best skins. The selection of skins and the solvency are at a high level.