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Reactions & Thoughts of Pro Players About CS 2 - Hellcase Blog

Probably every single person in the world who has played computer games has heard of CS. In different series, this game has found millions of fans and has become one of the leading disciplines in eSports. But progress does not stand still, and we are all looking forward to the summer and the release of CS 2. While we wait for the release, let’s see what the pro players think about a CS 2 and how they think the new changes in the game will affect the professional scene.

The Opinion of Pro Players About CS 2

As it turned out, after the release of the CS 2 beta test, only a few players had the opportunity to test the new game. The rest just fueled the interest of their audience. But now we know that CS 2 will be released, almost all pro players have been given access to the beta, and that’s what they think. Let’s start with the opinion of the number one player in the game – s1mple. On his stream, Sasha gives his comments:

“Yeah guys, I enjoy it. Everything is so accurate in this game, everything is so nice. In the middle of the screen, on the right side – everything is perfect. Perfect with this classic color (means new graphic on Dust 2). But fps is too low.”

Well, this is not an optimized beta yet, so it’s not surprising that the FPS is low. We hope that Valve will fix everything by the release. S1mple’s former teammate “ EliGE “, also liked the new CS. You can see his emotions in this tweet:


Graphics are so fking good, new mechanics. Hype as fuck 🔥🔥🔥😚

— Jonathan Jablonowski (@EliGE) March 22, 2023

Marcelo “coldzera” David is also impressed by the new CS:

Esse CS2 está maravilhoso 😍! Muita mudança positiva e o meta vai ser completamente diferente! O que vocês gostaram mais? ⬇️

— coldzera (@coldzera) March 22, 2023

Also, in response to another user under this tweet, coldzera shared his opinion about responsive smokes and the mechanics of their work. In his opinion, the fact that the smoke is no longer an obstacle makes life easier for the CT side and makes it harder for the attackers. The HE grenade now has a new ability to temporarily disperse smoke, which can break the plant’s execution during the final seconds.

The new smoke will really change the way you play the game. But whether this new mechanic will give an advantage to one of the sides or if players will find an alternative way to use this mechanic, we will find out in the future.

Team Cloud9 player Sergey “Ax1Le” Rykhtorov was also skeptical about the new smoke grenade mechanics:

Don’t do bullets which making a little holes in smokes 🥲

— Ax1Le (@Ax1LeGOD) March 22, 2023

As much as Ax1Le wants Valve to listen to him, this is unlikely to happen. There is no doubt that the usual CS gameplay will change. The main question is who will be able to adapt faster and show better results. Will any team repeat or even surpass the NiP record streak of 87 won maps?

Pro Scene Transition to CS 2

That has already happened in the history of the professional CS scene. After the release of CS:GO, players had to adapt to the new game. The difference between CS 1.6 and CS:GO versions was much greater than between CS:GO and CS2, but still, this transition entailed a total change in the pro scene at the time. How it will be this time, we will find out only after the pro scene moves over to the rails tracks of CS2, and this will happen pretty soon.

The developers of CS2 made a statement on their official Twitter that BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 will be the last tournament of this status held in the CS:GO version.

The Paris Major will be the final CS:GO Major.

The following Major will be in March 2024 and the first in Counter-Strike 2.

— CS2 (@CounterStrike) March 24, 2023

Blast’s representative also commented on that news:

Hard to fathom the responsibility on our shoulders with our Paris Major, being allowed to conclude on a legacy this great before a new journey in CS2 begins. Does it get bigger than this? I think not. https://t.co/SpP5tBTNHH

— Nico 💥 (@nicothepops) March 24, 2023

As we can see, the pro teams don’t have much time left to prepare for CS2, considering that they still need to finish the last tournaments in the CS:GO version. Meanwhile, the first show match in CS2 took place in Malta before the ESL Pro League Season 17 finals. You can find more info about this event in our article .

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo thinks that after the Major, players should forget about CS:GO and start training in CS2:

Csgo vai ficar nessa fase de transição entre o pós major e o anúncio oficial do jogo

Acredito que muitos times após o major não devem mais treinar no csgo se o cs2 já estiver rodando treinos

— Gabriel Toledo (@FalleNCS) March 24, 2023

However, the decision to start training rests with the teams. That would be very interesting to watch. In the meantime, when some are preparing for the upcoming CS:GO tournaments, some have already set goals for themselves in CS2.

LFT, aiming for 88 straight wins in CS2

— Adam Friberg (@fribergCS) March 22, 2023

Of course, this is more of a joke from a former NiP player with reference to the record. A post in a similar style was posted on Twitter by the legendary “headshot machine” – Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom:

People forget I played CS since 2005 12 years as a professional, played 8 majors. Multiples reasons why I left but my love for CS is forever so respect it kids

My goal is to dominate Valorant first and maybe one day be back to remind you about the headshot machine again #1tap

— KC ScreaM 🇲🇦 (@ScreaM_) March 25, 2023

How do you think old pro players will be able to return to the new version of CS and dominate the pro scene? Let’s see how many ex-players will come back to the game.

To Wrap Up!

Big changes are coming, and no matter what the players think about the new game, they still have to play by the rules of the developers. It will not be possible to predict who will be at the top. So, it only remains to wait for the game release on this matter. Follow our blog to be the first to know about news from the CS world.