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New Source 2 Gleam Giveaway - Hellcase Blog

Each CS:GO player strives to improve his gaming skills and update his inventory with new interesting skins. We support this endeavor and invite you to participate in the Source 2 giveaway where you can get a valuable item as a gift by completing simple tasks. Let’s learn about the rules of participation in the giveaway and prizes in more detail.

What’s New?

Our giveaway is dedicated to the release of CS:GO on the new Source 2 engine. You can find this giveaway by clicking on the “giveaway” button at the top of the Hellcase home page.  If you need further assistance with Hellcase giveaways check out our guide on Gleam Giveaways .

To participate in the Source 2 giveaway, you need to log in to the event page. Here you can track the period of the giveaway, the list of tasks, as well as the number of entries received for completing tasks.

Each task is evaluated in a certain number of entries. The higher the difficulty of the task, the more you can get entries. The winners of the giveaway are determined randomly. However, the number of entries increases the chances of winning.

We have prepared beautiful and valuable skins for the participants. You can get a rifle, pistol, knife, or gloves skin as a prize.

All Info About Source 2 giveaway

Source 2 Giveaway is a unique skin giveaway that allows you to upgrade your inventory with valuable items for the release of CS:GO Source 2. We are giving away seven types of items with a total value of $3,200. Overall, the prize pool consists of 90 prizes for 90 winners. This giveaway will run from March 24 to March 13 (until 10 AM GMT).  All skins for Source 2 giveaway except Talon Knife | Case Hardened are included in Hellcase’s Revolution case. Let’s take a look at each prize from this giveaway.

Source 2 Gleam Giveaway

Talon Knife | Case Hardened (FT)

As part of the giveaway, we are giving away Talon Knife | Case Hardened for free. This is one of the most expensive giveaway skins and we give it to only one of the winners. The Talon Knife is a weapon used by both terrorists and counter-terrorists. Case Hardened has a Covert rarity. Players can use this item in all exteriors, including those with a StatTrak counter. The design of the skin is quite simple – the handle of the knife is not painted, and the hardened blade has blue, yellow, and purple spots. The cost of this skin in Field-Tested condition exceeds $400. You have a chance to get Talon Knife | Case Hardened via giveaway as a prize.

Specialist Gloves | Fade (FT)

One of the Source 2 giveaway winners can receive Specialist Gloves | Fade for free. This is stylish and bright skin that will surely make you enthusiastic. The upper part of the gloves is made of dark blue fabric and complemented with purple, yellow, and pink rubberized inserts. The palm side is made of black leather with dark gray inserts. This skin has an Extraordinary quality level. Players can use this item in all existing exteriors. The cost of the skin in the Field-Tested condition exceeds $300. You can get amazing Specialist Gloves | Fade via the giveaway as a reward for completing tasks. This item was noticed in the inventories of pro players kennys, apex, and boltz.

AK-47 | Head Shot (MW)

giveaway participants have a chance to get AK-47 | Head Shot for free. We give this prize to three winners. This is a skin for a worldwide popular rifle used by T-side players. The skin has a bright and sophisticated design. On the body of the weapon, there is a graffiti inscription “HEAD SHOT GUN”. The rifle is painted in shades of gray, pink, and purple. Head Shot belongs to the category of skins with a Covert rarity. The float value of this item ranges from 0.00 to 1.00. The skin in the Minimal Wear exterior costs over $100, but you can get AK-47 | Head Shot via giveaway as a prize.

M4A4 | Temukau (FT)

Exactly five winners of the giveaway will receive the M4A4 | Temukau for free. This is an incredible skin for a powerful rifle, which is designed for CS:GO special forces. The design of the skin is made in anime style. The weapon has an image of a CT agent throwing a smoke bomb. The body is painted in white and blue, and decorated with inscriptions in English and Japanese. Players can use this item in all exteriors, including those with a frag counter. The skin is worth more than $60 in the Field-Tested condition, but you can become the owner of M4A4 | Temukau via giveaway.

Talon Knife Case Hardened (FT) Specialist Gloves Fade (FT) AK-47 Head Shot (MW) M4A4 Temukau

AWP | Duality (MW)

Source 2 giveaway is a chance to get an AWP | Duality for free. We are giving away this prize to ten winners. This is a skin for one of the most common weapons in the shooter. On the body of the weapon, there is an image of a snake surrounded by a floral ornament. The barrel, sight, and magazine of the rifle have a golden floral ornament. This beautiful skin has a Classified rarity. CS:GO players can use Duality in all existing exteriors. The cost of the Minimal Wear version of the item can exceed $65. You can get AWP | Duality via giveaway as a gift.

UMP-45 | Wild Child (FT)

Hellcase gives incredible UMP-45 | Wild Child skin for free to 30 Source 2 giveaway winners. This is a gun skin designed for both T-side and CT-side players. The body of the submachine gun is painted in shades of pink, blue, and yellow. The design is complemented by a huge number of drawings and inscriptions. Wild Child belongs to the group of items with the Classified rarity. Players can use the skin in all conditions, including with a frag counter. The cost of the skin in the Field-Tested exterior is over $12. You have the opportunity to get UMP-45 | Wild Child via giveaway for free.

M4A1-S | Emphorosaur-S (MW)

We give M4A1-S | Emphorosaur-S for free for 40 giveaway winners. This is a skin for weapons used by special forces in CS:GO. The upper part of the rifle is painted green and complemented with brown stripes that resemble the skin of a dinosaur. The receiver has an image of the eyes and claws of a dinosaur. The skin has a Restricted rarity. Players can use the item in all existing exteriors, including those with StatTrak technology. The cost of the skin in the Minimal Wear version is about $13. You can get M4A1-S | Emphorosaur-S via giveaway as a prize.

To Wrap Up!

All CS:GO players seek to replenish their inventory with beautiful skin, which can also be a valuable collectible. The Source 2 giveaway is an incredible opportunity to get a great item as a prize. Collect as many entries as possible to increase your chances of winning. You can also take part in other Hellcase giveaways. No less valuable prizes await you!