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Legends Stage Day Three Overview: BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023

The third day of the BLAST.tv Paris Major Legends Stage has ended, and it was amazing! The skill level and strategy on display have been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

In this article, you will find out which three teams were eliminated from the tournament and which three teams achieved the prestigious Champions Status, and look at the unfolding top moments.

Best-Of-Three Matches: Who Advanced to Champion Stage?

On the third day of the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023, we witnessed thrilling matches. Six teams competed for the Champions Status, but only three secured their spots in the upcoming BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023: Champions Stage. All matches on the third day were played in a best-of-three series.

Now, let’s look at the matches from day three and see how everything unfolded.

Monte vs NAVI

Let’s begin our review with an exciting match between two Ukrainian teams.

Here’s the list of map selections and bans:

  • Monte removed Inferno
  • Natus Vincere removed Vertigo
  • Monte picked Anubis
  • Natus Vincere picked Nuke
  • Natus Vincere removed Mirage
  • Monte removed Overpass
  • Ancient was left over


Monte started the game as Counter-Terrorists on the first map and performed well, ending the first half with a 10:5 score in their favor. NAVI had opportunities to make a comeback, they even won three rounds in a row during the second half. However, thanks to Viktor “sdy” Orudzhev and his team, Monte emerged victorious on the first map with a 16:12 score.

Сheck his PC @demqqqq 🫣 pic.twitter.com/iQyIEStiJJ

— MONTE ESPORTS 🇺🇦 (@Monte_Esports) May 15, 2023


Before the second map, most analysts predicted that Monte wouldn’t be able to defeat NAVI with a 2:0 score because Nuke is NAVI’s signature map. However, what unfolded on the second map was truly impressive. Playing on the CT side, Monte completely dominated their opponents. They won an incredible ten rounds in a row and finished the first half with a commanding lead of 13:2.

Despite the NAVI team’s efforts, including using all their timeouts and attempting different strategies, they couldn’t turn the tide. Ultimately, Monte emerged as the clear victor with an impressive 16:2 score. Here is the full map!

Congratulations to Monte!

Welcome to the Champions stage 🔥 #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/zWAGxe6s6F

— BLAST.tv (@BLASTtv) May 15, 2023

Liquid vs Into The Breach

The second match in the upper bracket was equally captivating. The teams battled fiercely to determine who would come out on top.

Here’s the list of map selections and bans:

  • Liquid removed Vertigo
  • Into the Breach removed Nuke
  • Liquid picked Overpass
  • Into the Breach picked Anubis
  • Into the Breach removed Mirage
  • Liquid removed Ancient
  • Inferno was left over


The first map was incredibly intense as both teams played two halves with an equal score. Initially, Into the Breach, playing on the CT side, took the lead with a 10:5 score in the first half. However, when they switched sides, Liquid matched their score and secured their chance at making a comeback in overtime. Team Liquid eventually came out on top, winning the map by 19:17.

KNIFE 🔪 to end overtime #TLWIN

Never out of it – we grind back and take Map 1 ☑️ #LetsGoLiquid | #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/gaHmeKqEMb

— Team Liquid CSGO (@TeamLiquidCS) May 15, 2023


The second map was a smoother ride for Liquid as they played well in the first half, earning a 9:6 score while playing on the CT side. After the sides switched, Team Liquid, led by Josh “oSee” Ohm, confidently won the second map with a 16:9 score.

BEST NA AWP'ER @oSeecs pic.twitter.com/zh7o98Xa4H

— BLAST.tv (@BLASTtv) May 15, 2023

Congratulations to Team Liquid!

NA CS IS GOING TO THE ARENA #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/f6gQbcEBSC

— BLAST.tv (@BLASTtv) May 15, 2023

Apeks vs GamerLegion

The last match of the day in the upper bracket (2:1 pool) showcased a showdown between Apeks and GamerLegion.

Here’s the list of map selections and bans:

  • Apeks removed Nuke
  • GamerLegion removed Anubis
  • Apeks picked Ancient
  • GamerLegion picked Overpass
  • GamerLegion removed Mirage
  • Apeks removed Inferno
  • Vertigo was left over


GamerLegion started strong on Ancient, showing its dominance from the very beginning. They calmly won four rounds in a row while defending, and their confident gameplay continued throughout the rest of the match. GamerLegion easily secured victory on the first map with a 16:6 score.

And what a way to end Ancient 🔪 @siuhycs pic.twitter.com/eIpE7Ywu5s

— BLAST.tv (@BLASTtv) May 15, 2023


On the second map, GamerLegion started on the T side. Despite losing the first pistol round, they managed to plant the bomb, which provided them with extra money for better equipment. They won five rounds in a row and had a strong economic advantage, allowing them to finish the first half with a 10:5 score.

After switching sides, Apeks tried to turn things around and secured the first three rounds. However, GamerLegion, with their accumulated resources, turned the momentum by winning a crucial round, ultimately leading them to a victory with a 16:6 score.

COLLATERAL 🎯 @acoRCS pic.twitter.com/mCCqIi4Tmf

— BLAST.tv (@BLASTtv) May 15, 2023

Congratulations to GamerLegion!

. @GamerLegion are heading to the Accor Arena! #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/XClEx8R0ZO

— BLAST.tv (@BLASTtv) May 15, 2023

Best-Of-Three Matches: Who Was Eliminated?

We’ve already discussed the situation in the upper bracket (2:1 pool). Next, see what happened in the lower bracket (1:2 pool). In this round, teams battled to stay in the tournament and proceed to the last match, where they would have a chance to fight for the remaining spots in the BLAST.tv Paris Major Legends Stage.

Let’s briefly review which teams have been eliminated from the tournament and which ones still have a chance to compete.


The first match (1-2 pool) was a showdown between Ninjas in Pyjamas and ENCE. NIP defeated their opponent on the first map, Mirage, with a 16:7 score.

The following map of the series was Ancient, and it was more intense than the first, but thanks to NIP’s excellent teamwork, they emerged victorious with a 16:10 score.

. @NIPCS deny @ENCE comeback on Ancient to close off the match with a 2:0 score and send them home #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/nxarW0GJs0

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 15, 2023

FaZe vs Bad News Eagles

The second crucial match was between FaZe and Bad News Eagles. The first map was Overpass, where Bad News Eagles emerged victorious with a 16:3 score. The following map was Mirage, where FaZe secured a victory with a 19:17 score. Finally, the map deciding the game outcome was Inferno. FaZe performed well in the first half, and in the second half, they clinched the victory.

Third time is the charm! @FaZeClan break the losing streak vs. @_badnewseagles and move to the 2-2 pool
#BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/j4QAzA0uMJ

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 15, 2023

Fnatic vs G2

The last match of the third day was just as intense as the others. In this match, Fnatic and G2 faced off on three maps: Inferno, Ancient, and Vertigo.

On the first map, Inferno, G2 came out on top with a 19:16 score. However, Fnatic dominated the following maps. They secured a victory on Ancient with a 16:11 score and continued their success on Vertigo with a 16:13 score.

. @FNATIC end @G2CSGO 's Major dreams and proceed to the final round of the Legends Stage #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/juMihWXale

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 15, 2023

Wrapping Up the Legends Stage Day Three!

The third day of the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023: Legends Stage has concluded, and it was a fantastic day that left a lasting impact with its intense emotions and exceptional moments. Summing up the results, we now have three teams (Monte, Team Liquid, GamerLegion) who have earned the Champions Status and secured their spot in the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023: Champions Stage. The final day of the Legends Stage is ahead of us!

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