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Discover On Fire Cases for Exclusive CS:GO Skins - Hellcase Blog

The more players devote time to CS:GO, the more they want to replenish their inventories with skins that make their play colorful during training and when you score bright victories.

Skins are not only beautiful cosmetic items but also valuable collectibles. For players who are looking for new opportunities to get skins and cases, Hellcase has a new lucrative offer called On Fire cases.

What are On Fire Cases?

On Fire cases are a new type of cases from Hellcase that let users get valuable items and other prizes. As of the beginning of March 2023, we offer six CS:GO On Fire cases that differ in price and the value of prizes included in them.

what On Fire Cases can contain

Each case consists of the following prizes:

  • Random CS:GO skin
  • Random case
  • Wartags
  • Balance

A user can open from one to three cases at a time. When opening each case, the user has the opportunity to win several prizes (up to three). For example, you can get skin and wartags. So, if you open 3 cases at a time, you can theoretically win up to 9 mixed prizes.

What Can Drop From On Fire Cases?

On Fire Cases is an offer hard to refuse, especially if you like surprises. Let’s take a closer look at each of the On Fire Cases.

Source Case

Source Case

The cost of the Source case is $0. 75. In addition to the random CC:GO skin, users have a chance to win a random case worth $0.6 – $3.300 – 1,500 wartags, and $0.3 – $5 to the balance.

Arctic Case

Users can open the Arctic case for $2. There is a chance to win a random skin for the CS:GO game, a top-up of $1.5 – $10,700 – 2,000 wartags, and a random case worth $1.2 – $7.8.

Haze Case

Haze Case

The cost of opening the Haze case is $6. The case consists of such valuable prizes as a random case worth $2.25 – $37, a random skin, 2,000 – 12,300 wartags, and $2 – $19 to the balance.

Cryptic Case

Hellcase users can open the Cryptic case for $8. 80. Three prizes are provided here, including a random item for CS:GO, $4 – $40 to the balance, and 3,000 – 10,000 wartags.

Cryptic Case
Radiante Case

Radiante Case

Radiante case is one of the most expensive On Fire cases. Its cost is $15. The prize pool includes a random skin, a random case worth $14.5 – $56.45, 5,500 – 12,000 wartags, and $7 – $48 to the balance.

Treasure Case

The name of the Treasure case speaks for itself. This is the most expensive On Fire case with valuable prizes. Its cost reaches $40. It consists of such prizes as a random skin, a random case worth $17.25 – $107, 17,500 – 20,000 wartags, and $15 – $120 to the balance.

Users can evaluate the content of each case before opening it .

On Fire cases are a profitable offer because when opening a case for $2, the user has a chance to get up to $10 to the balance, and when opening a case for $40 – you can get up to $120 to the balance. Moreover, do not forget that one case does not necessarily equal one prize. You have a chance to get up to three prizes from one On Fire case!

How does On Fire case opening Work?

On Fire Cases is a feature with a colorful and dynamic design. This is a great solution for CS:GO players who are bored with the usual case opening with a chance to get only one skin. To open one of the On Fire cases, the Hellcase user needs to find the corresponding tab on the site and select the case they like.

After clicking on the “Open” case button, the system shows a progressive bar with the time required to open the case. The user can see his case and the animation of its opening in the block for selecting the number of cases. After opening the case, the user can evaluate his prizes and open one of the On Fire cases again.

What Else to Consider?

What happens if the user opens two or three cases at once? There is a possibility to open On Fire cases by Hellcase one by one. The user can track the opening of a case using a progressive bar. After showing the prizes won in the block for choosing the number of openings, we move all prizes below this block. After that, the user can open the second and third cases.

We move all the prizes from the second case to the prizes from the first case and the prizes from the third case to the prizes from the first and second cases. You won’t get confused as the system displays identical prizes separately. This is useful, for example, if the user received wartags or a balance in the first and second cases. In the end, the user can take part in a new event or simply enjoy the gifts received.

To Wrap up!

On Fire Cases is an interesting and advantageous feature from Hellcase . If you’re hunting for wartags or looking to upgrade your inventory with a new CS:GO skin, you should definitely give it a try. Use incredible, valuable skins to achieve new game results, and never give up. If you want additional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our support .