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Legends Stage Final Day Recap: BLAST.TV Paris Major 2023

The fourth and final day of the BLAST.tv Paris Major Legends Stage 2023 has ended, and it was truly epic, filled with emotions and excitement for the beloved teams. Six teams competed for the last chance to qualify for the historic event, the final CS:GO Major!

Best-Of-Three Matches of Legends Stage Finals: Who Advanced to Champions Stage?

Today, we will discuss three matches where Natus Vincere faced off against FaZe Clan, Fnatic went up against Into The Breach, and Ninjas in Pyjamas took on Apeks. These matches determined the last spots for the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023: Champions Stage. All matches on the final day were played in a best-of-three series.

Let’s take a closer look at what unfolded on this intense day!

Natus Vincere vs FaZe Clan

The most watched match of the final day was Natus Vincere versus FaZe Clan. It was an incredibly intense match that kept everyone on the edge of their seats until the very last second.

Here’s the list of map selections and bans:

  • FaZe removed Ancient
  • Natus Vincere removed Nuke
  • FaZe picked Overpass
  • Natus Vincere picked Mirage
  • Natus Vincere removed Vertigo
  • FaZe removed Inferno
  • Anubis was left over


At the beginning of the first map, Natus Vincere played on the CT side. They had a rough start, losing with a 4:1 score. However, the team made a full buy in the sixth round, which helped them win that round and several more afterward. Overall, NAVI finished the first half with a decent 9:6 score.

In the second half, playing on the T side, NAVI successfully claimed the first pistol round and the following two force rounds, extending their lead to 12:6. They ultimately secured the map with a 16:13 score.

Another miracle, this time by @FaZe_rainCS in a crazy 1vs3 clutch 🔥 #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/QxVuMu0sKk

— BLAST.tv (@BLASTtv) May 16, 2023


NAVI had a great start on the second map, winning the first two rounds as terrorists. However, they faced a hard challenge as FaZe held a solid defense and secured nine consecutive rounds. As a result, the first half of the map ended with FaZe leading by an 11:4 score.

. @karriganCSGO out with his lawn mower 🚜 #BLASTTVMajor @FaZeClan pic.twitter.com/fxEvNlTgTH

— BLAST.tv (@BLASTtv) May 16, 2023

The second half was short and completely dominated by FaZe. They won five out of six rounds, sealing their victory on the map with a commanding 16:5 score.


The final map was the most thrilling. NAVI had a narrow lead in the first half of the map with an 8:7 score. After the sides switched, NAVI dominated and quickly scored 14:8 in their favor. But in the twenty fifth round, FaZe managed to snatch a victory in the final seconds, completely turning the game around.

. @FaZe_rainCS 3K TO KEEP @FaZeClan ALIVE!! pic.twitter.com/j5QEX4c9xF

— BLAST.tv (@BLASTtv) May 16, 2023

They went on to win the next five rounds, equalizing the score at 15:15 and forcing the game into overtime. The first overtime ended in a tie at 18:18, but in the second, FaZe defeated their opponents, winning four out of six rounds.

Congratulations to FaZe Clan.

Another reverse sweep ✅

Grand Slam winners @FaZeClan are heading to the Accor Arena #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/FOcN8UOHDr

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 16, 2023

Fnatic vs Into The Breach

The second match was between Into The Breach and Fnatic.

Here’s the list of map selections and bans:

  • Into the Breach removed Nuke
  • Fnatic removed Mirage
  • Into the Breach picked Inferno
  • Fnatic picked Overpass
  • Fnatic removed Anubis
  • Into the Breach removed Ancient
  • Vertigo was left over


Despite Into the Breach’s picked Inferno, they couldn’t hold off Fnatic’s pressure in the first half, resulting in a 10:5 lead for Fnatic.

In the second half, it was evident that Into the Breach, playing as terrorists, occasionally lacked confidence in their decisions and hesitated. As a result, they lost with a 16:12 score.

WELCOME TO THE MEAT GRINDER 😈 pic.twitter.com/ALy8vLsbX5

— FNATIC (@FNATIC) May 16, 2023


The following map of the series was Overpass. Into the Breach started the game on the CT side, and it’s safe to say they played exceptionally well. They played phenomenally, demonstrating confidence in every situation they encountered. Into the Breach ended the first half with a significant advantage, leading with a 14:1 score.

im lost for words, i just love them 😍 pic.twitter.com/TJthZdepRR

— ITB SHUFFLE 🇺🇦 @ CS:GO PARIS MAJOR 2023 (@ITBesports) May 16, 2023

Despite Fnatic facing a challenging situation, they managed to fight in the second half of the map and secured seven rounds. However, the gap was too significant, and Into the Breach ultimately won the second map with a 16:8 score.


The map that determined the champions was Vertigo. Into the Breach started the third map on the T side and continued their impressive performance from the previous map. They easily took down their opponents’ defensive positions, gaining a significant lead of 12:3 in the first half.

Pistols or Rifles, the fight goes on 😤 pic.twitter.com/l2sxD2SLGw

— FNATIC (@FNATIC) May 16, 2023

The second half of the map was the same, as Into the Breach maintained complete control. They swiftly secured the victory with a 16:4 score, asserting their dominance and emerging as the winners.

Into The Breach are the next team to qualify for the Champions Stage of the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023. Congratulations!

HISTORY 🇬🇧 @ITBesports are the first and last UK team to reach CS:GO Major playoffs #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/YliDQpoeL9

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 16, 2023

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Apeks

The last match was between Apeks and Ninjas in Pyjamas. It was a very tense game, with the teams playing two maps, and each map going into overtime.

Here’s the list of map selections and bans:

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas removed Anubis
  • Apeks removed Nuke
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas picked Vertigo
  • Apeks picked Ancient
  • Apeks removed Mirage
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas removed Overpass
  • Inferno was left over


Vertigo is one of NIP’s signature maps. Ninjas in Pyjamas started on the T side, and they had a strong first half, leading with a 9:6 score, which was a good result for terrorists.

EXCUSE ME??? @nawwkcs pic.twitter.com/9aGjLcx4JB

— BLAST.tv (@BLASTtv) May 16, 2023

After switching sides, the teams seemed evenly matched. Apeks played well in the second half, resulting in a 15:15 tie and leading to overtime. Apeks emerged victorious with a 4:2 score in overtime.


The map deciding the game outcome was Ancient. NIP started strong as terrorists in the first half, leading with a 12:3 score. However, Apeks mounted a comeback in the second half, resulting in a tie of 15:15. This led to overtime, where Apeks dominated with a 4:1 score, securing their victory.

WHAT A TIME TO PUT OUT A 3K LIKE THIS!! @jLcsgo_ @apeksgg #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/7SDVMdc69h

— BLAST.tv (@BLASTtv) May 16, 2023

Congratulations to Apeks.

🇪🇺 @apeksgg is the final team to qualify for the BLAST Paris Major playoffs! pic.twitter.com/htNfN2YmtZ

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 16, 2023

The participants for the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023: Champions Stage, and the first games of this stage will start on May 18.

Wrapping Up The Legends Stage Finals!

The final day of the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 has come to an exciting conclusion! FaZe Clan, Into The Breach, and Apeks emerged victorious, securing their spots in the Champions Stage. Congratulations to these teams for their outstanding performance! But the excitement doesn’t end here! The competition will continue with the Champions Stage, starting on May 18. Get ready to cheer for your favorite team!

Stay tuned to our blog for all the latest updates and news!