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How to Get Out Of Gold Nova CSGO?

CSGO is a competitive game, and almost every CSGO player is trying to rank up. One of the most common ranks players get stuck at is the Gold Nova rank.

One of the highest percentages of CSGO players is in the Gold Nova 1, Gold Nova 2, Gold Nova 3, or the Gold Nova Master Rank. Check out our complete guide to help you get out of the Gold Nova rank.

Firstly, to get out of any rank, you need to win more matches and complete most objectives in each one of them. Only then will you get enough points to move toward the next rank.

The thing about Gold Nova players is that they are very skilled. However, they usually make some mistakes that cause them to lose matches against higher-level players. These mistakes keep them stuck at the Gold Nova rank.

The most common mistake is playing as a solo player. CSGO is a team game. You can reach Gold Nova rank as a solo player using your skill, but after that, you start to encounter players that heavily focus on their teamwork. Players above Gold Nova might not have better aim, but they do have better teamwork.

If you want to get out of Gold Nova rank, you must work on your teamwork. Try to play with the same group every day, so you are familiar with the play style, and try to find players that are as dedicated about getting out of Gold Nova as you.