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How to Counter Heroes in Dota 2?

One of the main things that the developers of Dota 2 are focused on is balance. One of their main priorities is to ensure that is no overpowered hero in the game. One way they accomplish this task is by creating counters for almost all heroes and their abilities.

When you come across a particular hero in Dota 2 , there will always be a way for you to counter them. To help you understand better, here is our take on how to counter heroes in Dota 2.

The first way you can counter a hero in Dota 2 is by picking a hero that counters the enemy hero’s abilities. For example, if the enemy team picks a Slark, your team would be better off if you had a Bloodseeker in your team.

The primary reason why a Slark is so effective is that he can easily move around the map. However, the Thurst and Rupture abilities of Bloodseeker prevent Slark from moving around so much.

Another way you can counter heroes in Dota 2 is by focusing on items that counter the abilities of the enemy heroes. At the start of a match, you can’t go back and change your heroes. However, you can focus on getting items that help you render enemy hero abilities useless. You can use items that boost your hero’s stats in a way that the enemy hero can’t use their abilities on your or are vulnerable to your abilities.