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How to Attack in Dota 2?

Dota 2 is a PVP game. While playing a match of Dota 2, you have to battle with other players. One of the primary ways you fight with the enemy team in Dota 2 is by attacking enemy heroes and then damaging them to lower their hp to zero. Here is a complete guide on how to attack in Dota 2.

Firstly, there are two types of attacks in Dota 2 . The first type is the targeted attack. To initiate a targeted attack on an enemy hero, you have to right-click on them. As you right-click, your hero will start attacking the enemy hero. However, if there is no enemy hero near you, you won’t be able to use a targeted attack.

The second type of attack is the non-targeted attack. To initiate a non-targeted attack, you have to right-click on a location on the map, or you have to select the direction in which you want to launch the attack. A non-targetted attack won’t auto-target the enemy like the targeted attack. Examples of non-targetted attacks include AOE attacks, Meat Hook from Pudge, or the Onslaught from Primal Beast.

If you press the RMB (right mouse button) only, your hero will initiate a basic attack. If you want to attack using any of your hero’s spells and abilities, you need to press the button for that ability, like “Q”, to activate them and then right-click on the enemy, the location on the map, or the direction.