Trick or treat yo' self. Check out what we've got planned this Hallowee n, from October 18th to November 1st .

Themed Design

Notice something different? At CSGORoll, we 'creep' it real! Our themed orange, green and gooey design is bound to get you in the spirit of the season.

100K Candy Leaderboard

Our Candy Leaderboard is back! Commencing at 6pm UTC on October 18th, our Candy collectors will battle for the top 10 positions. Then on November 1st, the players at the top of the leaderboard will get their hands on a devilishly tempting loot of coins.

There's no trick to be seen. Here's the treat you could be in for!

  1. 50000 coins
  2. 25000 coins
  3. 11500 coins
  4. 6000 coins
  5. 3000 coins
  6. 1500 coins
  7. 1000 coins
  8. 1000 coins
  9. 500 coins
  10. 250 coins

150k Jackpot

Alongside the coins to be won from our Candy leaderboard, our 150k Jackpot could be yours! Here's how you enter.

Play on CSGORoll to collect Candies, and spend the Candies to collect Jackpot tickets. For every Candy spent in our shop, we'll reward you with the same amount of Jackpot tickets in return.

Split into two events, you'll be automatically entered into our Jackpot when you spend Candies. Then, winners will be picked randomly during a livestream hosted on our Twitch channel . Here's the dates for your diaries!

  • Week 1: 50k - Oct 25th at 8 pm CET
  • Week 2: 100k - Nov 1st at 8 pm CET

Make sure you collect as many as possible, and remember to spend them all before the Jackpot timer ends.

Special Candy

Keep your eyes on these tempting little guys! Unique cases are available for those who manage to collect our rare Shiny Candies during the event. One Shiny Candy is worth around 500 normal candies, so there's all to play for!

Our Shiny Candies may be obtained from:

  • Weekly Jackpot prizes;
  • Rare Shiny Candy drop parties in the chat;
  • Giveaways during our weekly live streams.

Progress bar

For the entire duration of our Halloween event, high bets placed on CSGORoll will lead to a chance of extra Candy filling our pot. When our pot's full, it will trigger the next drop of Shiny Candies in the chat for 10 lucky users to benefit from.

Knock, Knock…
Who's there?
Witch who?
Witch one of you will give me lots of Halloween candy?

Join now or Red will turn your entire inventory into Sand Dunes!