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CSGOPrime Referral Codes 2023 + April Review

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CSGOPrime Referral Code and Review

CSGOPrime Free Bonus Codes List:


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How to use CSGOPrime referral code?

  1. Step 1. Register via Steam on csgoprime.com csgoprime
  2. Step 2. After that click on “Free Code” field and use referral or promo code – “ 4tmr
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  3. Step 3. Click “Claim Bonus” button.
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What is CSGOPrime?

CSGOPrime was created in 2021 to provide a platform where users could play using CS:GO skins. It is currently one of the best CS:GO gambling sites in operation with wide range of games. Their site is simple with an attractive design. An interesting feature of the site is its chat function with spaces for different languages.

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Bonus and Promo Code CSGOPrime

CSGOPrime offers several bonuses and promotions to users of the site.

You can consult our step by step tutorial to recover your free coins on CSGOPrime.

They also offer a free cashier upon registration. The value of the case varies but averages around $0.50. As you progress on CSGOPrime, you will be given keys to open the daily crates.

The higher the level, the more interesting the case. The levels are obtained by betting on the site. Another popular promotion is the “coin shower”. Every 1 to 30 minutes a random coin shower will appear in the chat area and you can get free coins.

By following the CSGOPrime Twitter account, you can also get free coins, especially during holidays and special events. Another way to get free coins is to recommend the site to your friends.

Special features of CSGOPrime

There is also a Jackpot, a small portion (0.4%) of each bet goes into a common pot. When the bonus icon appears, the pot is split proportionally among all eligible players for that round.

Games available on CSGOPrime

At one time, the only game you could bet on at CSGOPrime was Roulette. They have since added a coinflip game (heads or tails) to the site and you can also try betting on esports.

The game of Roulette is quite simple and offers you only 3 possibilities. You can bet on “Terrorist” (T), “Counter-Terrorist” (CT) or “Empire”. Equivalent to red, black, green in the classic version.

There are 15 slots in total, 7 for T and CT and 1 for Empire. A T or CT bet gives you the chance to double your money and a bet on Empire pays 14 times the stake.

The coin toss game is very classic. You bet on one side and the coin is tossed randomly.

The games use proprietary software and are clearly fair.


Deposit methods at CSGOPrime

The most popular method to deposit to your account at CSGOPrime is by using CS:GO skins through Steam.

You can also deposit money using more traditional crypto methods: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin.

Payment methods and withdrawals

The majority of payments and withdrawals at CSGOPrime are made using skins. In the past, there were often significant delays in the execution of withdrawal operations. They have implemented a new P2P deposit and withdrawal process which significantly speeds up transactions.

CSGOPrime has a wide variety of skins and is constantly updated. You can pick up a Dragon Lore or a Ruby Karambit, or much cheaper skins that are worth pennies.

Is CSGOPrime reliable or is it a scam?

Is CSGOPrime safe? Yes, CSGOPrime is a legitimate site to do business and an organization to turn to if anything goes wrong. This is a legitimate question given the number of different scam sites out there. The site has been in operation for several years and is one of the few surviving csgo gambling sites.

The games offered on their site are blatantly fair and they provide a nice explanation of the “blatantly fair” process which you can review by clicking on the “Fairness” link at the top of the page. They also have 24/7 support that typically responds within minutes.

CSGOPrime: How to win?

There is no guarantee of winning at any gambling site, whether it is CSGOPrime, Gamdom , CSGORoll or any other site. There are a few common sense rules you can use that can improve your odds of winning:

  • Set a budget when you play. Know how much you are prepared to lose before you stop and stick with it. Conversely, know how much you need to earn before you are ready to give up. When you reach that amount, stop.
  • Take advantage of bonuses and promotions. You cannot lose when you bet with free coins and skins.
  • Know the odds: Avoid playing high odds. There are only a few games on the site. The coinflip game gives the house 1.5% which is not bad.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
A simple design of the site that makes it easy to navigate and find your way around Only 1 language on a site
One of the few sites that still offers CSGO skin deposits and withdrawals.
Many possibilities to receive bonuses and gifts
Different games to play
Quick deposits and withdrawals
Bet on esport


❓ How to get a free balance?

When you register for the first time on the site, you can get a free $0.50 by entering the Promo code  – “4tmr”.

❓ What games are available on CSGOPrime?

You will find on CSGOPrime games resembling an online casino. You have an exclusive Roulette wheel, a coinflip to face other players and you have the possibility to bet on esport.

❓ How to deposit and withdraw on CSGOPrime?

If you want to deposit money on CSGOPrime, you can go by credit card, cryptocurrency, skin, Skrill, Neteller etc. As for withdrawals, it’s only via cryptocurrency.


With all the great online betting sites out there, we found the simplicity of the CSGOPrime site to be a refreshing change of pace. In addition, there are not many betting sites that accept CSGO skins as a deposit method. The games on the site are clearly fair and there are plenty of opportunities to earn bonuses in the form of free coins and skins.

There are definitely some sites that offer more betting options, but overall we have found CSGOPrime to be one of the better CS:GO betting sites that accept working skins today.

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