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BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 Day Three: Highlights & Results

We’re back with updates on the BLAST.tv Paris Major Challengers Stage. Today, we’ll be reviewing the third day of the Paris Major and you will find out who secured the Legend Status and who got eliminated from the tournament. We’ll also share highlights from the matches. So keep reading to stay in the loop!

Best-Of-Three Matches: Who Advanced to Legends Stage?

The third day of the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 featured exciting and intense matches. Six teams battled for the Legendary Status, but only three advanced it and moved on to the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023: Legends Stage. All matches on the third day were played in a best-of-three series.

Let’s review these matches and see how it all went.

FaZe vs forZe

We start with the FaZe vs forZe match, played as a classic Bo3.

Here’s the list of map selections and bans:

  • FORZE removed Vertigo
  • FaZe removed Anubis
  • FORZE picked Overpass
  • FaZe picked Nuke
  • FaZe removed Ancient
  • FORZE removed Mirage
  • Inferno was left over

Now, let’s take a closer look at each map.


FORZE picked Overpass, but FaZe won the pistol round and continued to win the following rounds. So, in the first half, the Russian team only scored three points.

There's no one better than @FaZe_rainCS at a Major 🙌 pic.twitter.com/IUGIQtEPCv

— #FaZeUp (@FaZeEsports) May 10, 2023

In the second half of the map, FaZe won the first round again and kept winning rounds until they reached 15 points. However, from that moment on, FORZE fought back and won 9 rounds. But Robin “ropz” Kool dashed the hopes of the Russian team and closed the map with a 16:12 score.

. @FaZeClan pick up a 16:12 win on @forzegg 's map pick of Overpass

We are watching Nuke next ☢️ pic.twitter.com/yX4liB1afR

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 10, 2023


FaZe picked Nuke as the following map in their match and started on the CT side, again in a good rhythm. They got an early lead, but FORZE managed to catch up and tie the score at 5:5. However, the Russian team couldn’t keep winning rounds, so they ended the first half of the game on this map with a partial loss (a 9:6 score).

@ScrawnyCG SAID IT pic.twitter.com/70ajrGlqhP

— BLAST.tv (@BLASTtv) May 10, 2023

After switching sides, FORZE wanted to take the match to the third map. They won the pistol round and a few rounds after that. However, FaZe proved they made a good choice with Nuke. By getting important points, FaZe controlled Nuke and won with a 16:11 score.

. @FaZeClan close the match with a 2:0 win and advance to the Legends Stage of the #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/8FAa5qRhPR

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 10, 2023

Congratulations to FaZe Clan.

From the lowest seed to the Legends Stage.

A true underdog story. #FaZeUp pic.twitter.com/eqvvOujd3m

— FaZe Clan (@FaZeClan) May 10, 2023

Grayhound vs NIP

Next, let’s talk about the match between Grayhound and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Many experts compared these teams and agreed that NIP would seem more confident in this battle, but let’s look at how things unfolded.

Here’s the list of map selections and bans:

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas removed Anubis
  • Grayhound removed Overpass
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas picked Mirage
  • Grayhound picked Inferno
  • Grayhound removed Ancient
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas removed Nuke
  • Vertigo was left over


The first map of the series was Mirage, picked by Ninjas in Pyjamas. They are comfortable and confident on this map, unlike Grayhound. In the first half, Ninjas in Pyjamas played well and had a slight lead of 8:7 in their favor. In the second half, playing as defenders, NIP successfully defended against almost all of Grayhound’s attacks and won the first map with a 16:11 score.

HE DOESN'T MISS THOSE pic.twitter.com/hX86pprbvE

— NIP CS (@NIPCS) May 10, 2023


Grayhound picked Inferno as the following map in their match. They picked it because they have had decent results on this map in their last 15 matches, with a win rate of 73%. However, it’s worth noting that they played against weaker teams than NIP.

Starting as terrorists, Grayhound only won 6 rounds in the first half of the game on the second map and lost with a 6:9 score. After that, their morale weakened, and even after switching sides, they couldn’t win. As a result, the game on the second map ended with a 16:12 score favoring NIP.

Might be the game's most crucial spray transfer, @vexite_ 👀 #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/36SheF4IiK

— BLAST.tv (@BLASTtv) May 10, 2023

. @NIPCS close off the match on Inferno and take the 2:0 win to qualify for the #BLASTTVMajor Legends Stage pic.twitter.com/OQZNDj2ziW

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 10, 2023

Ninjas in Pyjamas are the next team to qualify for the Legends Stage of the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023. Congratulations!


— NIP CS (@NIPCS) May 10, 2023

Apeks vs paiN

The last match in the upper bracket (2:1 pool) was between Apeks and paiN. Most experts predicted that paiN would win. But let’s see the actual results below.

Here’s the list of map selections and bans:

  • Apeks removed Nuke
  • paiN removed Overpass
  • Apeks picked Ancient
  • paiN picked Vertigo
  • paiN removed Inferno
  • Apeks removed Mirage
  • Anubis was left over


Apeks picked Ancient as the first map, which was a good choice because they had been playing well on it. They had a strong first half, leading 9:6 while playing as the terrorists. After switching sides, Apeks continued their success and finished the map with a 16:11 score in their favor.

1v3 from the pepsi max beast @jkaem 😎 pic.twitter.com/gDlT45uhOl

— Apeks (@apeksgg) May 10, 2023


The following map in the match, Vertigo, is one of paiN’s signature maps, but they had to work hard on it. paiN started as terrorists and won the first half with a 9:6 score. After switching sides, both teams were neck and neck, but paiN’s dominance in the first half paid off. They secured a victory on the second map with a 16:13 score.

tamo medio
– tamo MT bem
a pic.twitter.com/MixoMYBe70

— paiN Gaming (@paiNGamingBR) May 10, 2023


The map deciding the game outcome was Anubis. Apeks began the first half on the T side but showed good play, leading with an 8:7 score. The second half was even better for Apeks as they played on the defense and successfully fended off all of paiN’s attacks. Apeks won the map with a 16:9 score and advanced to the Legends Stage.


— Apeks (@apeksgg) May 10, 2023

. @apeksgg earn a spot in the Legends Stage, knocking @paiNGamingBR down to the 2-2 bracket pic.twitter.com/mOuTlh4bkY

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 10, 2023

Congratulations to the Apeks.


— Apeks (@apeksgg) May 10, 2023

Now let’s look at the lower bracket (1:2 pool) and see who got eliminated from the tournament and who will continue to fight for a spot in the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023: Legends Stage.

Best-Of-Three Matches: Who Was Eliminated?

What happened in the Challengers Stage’s lower bracket? There were only three matches here, just like in the upper bracket. However, the stakes were different.

Instead of fighting for Legend Status, the teams were battling for their survival in the tournament. So let’s take a closer look at each play.

GamerLegion vs OG

In the lower bracket (1:2 pool), the first match was between GamerLegion and OG. Many experts predicted OG would come out on top, but let’s look closely at what happened.

Here’s the list of map selections and bans:

  • GamerLegion removed Anubis
  • OG removed Nuke
  • GamerLegion picked Overpass
  • OG picked Mirage
  • OG removed Vertigo
  • GamerLegion removed Inferno
  • Ancient was left over


The first map was Overpass, one of GamerLegion’s signature maps. Both teams performed equally well in the first half, with OG playing as Counter-Terrorists and having a slight lead of 8:7.

This is what a successful @GamerLegion B-execute sounds like 💥 #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/ZafLKFRG5g

— BLAST.tv (@BLASTtv) May 10, 2023

After switching sides, the match was intense, with both teams taking turns in the lead. But in the end, GamerLegion came out on top on the first map with a score of 16:13.

. @isaaakkkk clutch like always 😎 pic.twitter.com/lN0zYqYQWX

— GamerLegion (@GamerLegion) May 10, 2023


The teams had a close and exciting competition on Mirage. But OG excelled in crucial moments and gained a good advantage of 9:6.

Abdul “degster” Gasanov took charge in the second half and disrupted GamerLegion’s efforts. OG won the map with a 16:8 score.

ns, @degsterof 💪 pic.twitter.com/5qqnY1sZTD

— BLAST.tv (@BLASTtv) May 10, 2023


The deciding map was Ancient. GamerLegion had a higher win rate than OG, according to statistics. In the first half, GamerLegion started as terrorists and dominated this phase, finishing with an 11:4 score.

In the second half, the tension was visible in the OG team, while GamerLegion’s players were energized and motivated. With a positive attitude, they secured five more rounds in the second half, winning the map with a final 16:7 score.

. @GamerLegion survive to live another day and send @OGcsgo packing pic.twitter.com/4NzkUkeFXu

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 10, 2023

All or nothing. One more W for Legends Stage 🫡 #GLWIN pic.twitter.com/hrd7IL0gJn

— GamerLegion (@GamerLegion) May 11, 2023

Let’s move on to the next match.

TheMongolZ vs Monte

The second match in the lower bracket (2:1 pool) was between MongolZ and Monte. As usual, it all started with the pick & ban stage. The experts had different opinions, and no one could determine the favorite in this match.

Here’s the list of map selections and bans:

  • TheMongolz removed Vertigo
  • Monte removed Inferno
  • TheMongolz picked Nuke
  • Monte picked Anubis
  • Monte removed Overpass
  • TheMongolz removed Ancient
  • Mirage was left over


The first map of the series was Nuke, picked by TheMongolz, despite statistics showing that the Ukrainian team played more often and had a higher win rate on it. The Mongolz started as terrorists and won the first round, but Monte’s defense was strong and stopped most of their attacks. The first half ended with an 11:4 score in favor of Monte.

The second half was intense. TheMongolz put up a strong defense, but Monte managed to win some crucial rounds and ultimately won the first map with a 16:13 score.

noooo way @demqqqq 🔪 pic.twitter.com/4lZBg1InIP

— MONTE ESPORTS 🇺🇦 (@Monte_Esports) May 10, 2023


Monte has played 26 matches on Anubis in the last three months and has maintained an impressive win rate of almost 80%. However, during the first half, Mongolz played as CT and won with a score of 8:7. They played remarkably well with a new lineup of players.

In the second half, Monte started as terrorists and played very carefully, not knowing what to expect from their opponents. This careful strategy likely contributed to their success as they won most rounds. Monte secured a victory on the second map with a 16:12 score.

. @Monte_Esports eliminate @MongolzCs and reach the last round of the Challengers Stage pic.twitter.com/jZjFxnHtIU

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 10, 2023

The last step to the Legends stage.

We have come a long and difficult way, and the day has come when everything is decided. Both teams deserve to move on, but only one will do so.

Playing against @paiNGamingBR 🇧🇷
May the stronger team win! #MonteGang pic.twitter.com/9Fk1WNZo0T

— MONTE ESPORTS 🇺🇦 (@Monte_Esports) May 11, 2023

Let’s move forward and see the final match of the lower bracket.

Complexity vs Team Liquid

The match between Team Liquid and Complexity was exciting to watch. Team Liquid was expected to win easily, but Complexity proved they shouldn’t be underestimated.

Here’s the list of map selections and bans:

  • Liquid removed Vertigo
  • Complexity removed Mirage
  • Team Liquid picked Anubis
  • Complexity picked Overpass
  • Complexity removed Ancient
  • Team Liquid removed Nuke
  • Inferno was left over


The first map of the series was Anubis. Team Liquid had strong control over the match. Starting on the T side, they broke through almost all of Complexity’s defensive attempts and ended the first half with a commanding lead of 12:3.

Complexity made a better effort in the second half and tried to fight back, but the gap was too big to overcome. Ultimately Team Liquid won the first map with a 16:11 score.

oSee with the quick 1 > 2 on his old teammates 🎯 #LETSGOLIQUID | #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/P61FyBRMDI

— Team Liquid CSGO (@TeamLiquidCS) May 10, 2023


Complexity picked Overpass as the following map in their match. Starting on the defense, Team Liquid didn’t allow any attacks from their opponents and dominated the first half with a perfect 15:0 score.

Complexity won a few rounds in the second half, but Team Liquid’s lead was too big. Team Liquid closed out the map with a 16:3 score.

. @TeamLiquidCS knock out @Complexity of #BLASTTVMajor and join the 2-2 bracket pic.twitter.com/bqOaBBkL1o

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 10, 2023

2-0 over @Complexity at the Paris Major 🙌🇫🇷

Massive games out of everyone — One more for Legends! #TLWIN pic.twitter.com/DO3OlaTVGt

— Team Liquid CSGO (@TeamLiquidCS) May 10, 2023

Below, you can see the outcomes of all matches.

The scores don't show it, but we had some GREAT matches today 🔥 #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/aKpUOQebT7

— BLAST.tv (@BLASTtv) May 10, 2023

To Wrap Up!

The third day of the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023: Challengers Stage has ended, and we’ve seen some thrilling matches. FaZe, NIP, and Apeks have successfully advanced to the Legends stage, while GamerLegion, Liquid, and Monte can still fight for a spot.

It has been a day of excitement, and the upcoming matches are expected to be just as thrilling. So who next will make it to the Legends Stage? Read our blog and stay tuned to find out!