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400K Halloween Event - Week 2🕯️

Welcome to the second weeks' summary of our Halloween event . Check out what happened t his week and stay tuned for the next event taking place on October 22nd !

100k Competition

After a disputed first week, BIGWINPLEASE decided that this second week would be different! He is now taking home 50.000 coins after also reaching the so desired level 100, this was a week of achievements for him. What can we expect for the next week? Congratulations to all the top 10 winners.

In-game event

Hosted by Tweeday, we watched 3 disputed games where our staff played vs the CSGORoll users. The winners of each match would take home a Shadow Dagger | Slaughter (Factory New). Check out the results below:

Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:

Do you wanna participate in the next in-game event? Check out how here .

That's a wrap everyone! Thank you for participating and stay tuned for the third week of events, which have already begun.

Missed the stream? Don't worry. You can still watch the full video HERE .