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This site is the most famous by csgo case opening. And now it has dota2 case opening. For all kinds of reliable services the site offers for a very long time, it is one of the top 5 dota2 case opening site!

Bonus-Code: orksgaming
Bonus-Of-Code: $0.4

Get $0.4 free when you first join! Use promo code orksgaming to get cash back!

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Payment Methods:

How to use hellcase.com to open case and get $0.3 for free?

Hellcase is a csgo based case opening site. But nowadays it adds dota2 case opening service which can open the items like dragon hook, baby roshan and so on. Compared to the high randomness official cases and treasures, the cases from hellcase have higher probability to get the lovely skins!

Firstly open hellcase and press the button on the top right corner to login the site using steam. You will get the free coins right away for you are a new user and you are using the link from our site. If you do not get the free coins in your account, keep patient and see the next step.

If you do not get $0.3 for free after you login through steam, you can press the button in the picture.

Type in orksgaming in the popup dialog and press the use button to get your bonus.

And at this moment, we need to bind our trade url or we won't get our skins back into our inventory. (Pay attention to set your inventory privay setting to 'open' or your steam account can not get the trade offer)

Click our avatar to go to our profile. You can see the place to type in your trade url.

You can find your trade url easily after following the link showed in the picture below

Copy the link in the picture on the top to fullfill the trade url of the hellcase to finish binding,

After binded our trade url, it's time to open cases now.

Add some blance by clicking the 'add' button we clicked.

Type in the number of blance you want to recharge in.

G2A is payment channel integrated by several payment channels, choose the payment channel you like.

Then the game begin, go and open the cases you like. Remember, small amount of gambling is entertaining, but excessive gambling harms.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why don't you get your bonus after you use our code?

Each account can only use one bonus code. You must use some others' code before this. You may create a new account.

What if you make sure you have not entered the others' code?

Email to the site. The site listed here is verified by us. We can make sure you can use e-mail or the other ways to contact to the site manager!