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CSGORoll Referral Codes 2024 + April Review

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Spring has sprung at CSGORoll and to welcome the season we have an ultra-fresh Easter event including a CS2 tournament, Golden Egg giveaways, an Easter Leaderboard, Egg Bonanza prizes, and the community favorite, Advent Calendar.

Don’t miss out, the “ eggstra-special ” action gets underway between March 15 - April 5, 2024.

290K Coin Egg Bonanza

Gather Egg Bonanza entries by utilizing the eggs you receive while playing any of our games. Each egg can be spent at our “ Egg Basket ” and will grant you an equivalent number of tickets for the Easter Egg Bonanza event. Use the eggs you collect before the countdown is over for each week's Egg Bonanza.

Weekly Breakdown

Egg Bonanza 1: 50K paid out on March 20th at 7:00pm CET
Egg Bonanza 2: 20K daily between March 21st and 27th at 7:00pm CET
Egg Bonanza 3: 100K paid out on April 3rd at 7:00pm CET

Egg Bonanza winners will be chosen during a live stream on our Kick channel . Players are not required to participate in the stream to win the Egg Bonanza prizes.

*Players will find prizes awarded at: https://www.csgoroll.com/en/jackpots/view

90K Coin Easter Leaderboard

“Bounce” over to the games page and play for Coin rewards!  The top 10 players who collect the most eggs each week, from playing games throughout the Easter event, will be eligible to receive Coin prizes.

30K Coins on March 22, March 29, and April 5 at 8:00 pm CET. Weekly Coins Reward Distribution

  1. 15000
  2. 6750
  3. 3750
  4. 1800
  5. 1050
  6. 750
  7. 450
  8. 225
  9. 150
  10. 75

*A total of 90K Coins will be rewarded over 3 weeks.

Golden Egg Giveaways

Finding our Golden Eggs during the Easter event is a breeze! Keep an eye out for them during our live streams and participate in our live chat where we'll be offering 10 Golden Eggs every time the progress bar reaches its peak between March 15 and April 5. Make sure to connect with us on X , join our Discord server and tune in to our Kick channel for more exciting Golden Egg drops!

Advent Calendar

We know you love the Advent Calendar, so we’re bringing it back to kick off the spring season, and to “sweeten” the deal, it's open to everyone. Each day from March 15 to April 5, the CSGORoll community will be able to open an Easter “tile” for an opportunity to win free tickets! Greater chances of receiving tickets will depend on a player’s level and recent deposits.

* Tickets from daily boxes are awarded at random. Making a deposit of at least 10 coins will guarantee a ticket.

CS2 Tournament - 25K Coin Prize Pool

Spring wouldn’t be the same without "Community vs Staff" CS2 games and a 25K Coin prize pool to play for!  Join us live to witness 16 teams consisting of community-selected players and CSGORoll staff members, battling it out in thrilling 5v5 CS2 matches, all gunning for the ultimate prize!

*All the games are hosted on Faceit, so you can prepare in advance by registering your account, downloading the client, and installing the Anti-Cheat System.

Knockout : 1st knockout March 16th / 2nd knockout March 17th
Quarterfinals: March 20th
Semi-Finals: March 24th
Grand Final : March 27th


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